Top 5 Hiking Trails Around Koper

Slavnik is a 1,028 meters high hill in the municipality of Koper, by locals is called also the Triglav of Koper (Triglav is the highest peak of Slovenia).
In case of good weather, Slavnik offers view to the Alps, Snežnik and down to the sea, all the way to the west coast of Croatian Istria.


ACCESS: there are different ways to reach the peak. The best one is from the small village of Podgorje, which is only an 18 minutes’ drive from our apartment.  

In Podgorje there is a parking place, where you can leave your car. Just cross the street, walk between the houses, follow the path which is ascending.
After an approximately 15/20 minutes’ walk, the path crosses an unpaved road. From this cross road you can continue straight ahead (approximately 40 minutes’ walk) or on your right, following the road (also 40 to 45 minutes walk)

  • Ušesa Istre

Ušesa Istre / Orlovo gnezdo / Veli Badin / Spodmoli is rock-shelter created milions years ago and is part of the Karst Edge. Specially in the period of lockdown it became well visited natural monument.

To reach starting point of this trail, you should reach Sočerga, more specificly the Church of Sain Kvirik and folow the path on the top of the mountain ridge.

The path is easy and well marked

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